About Us

TooliTech is a technology vanguard specializing in innovative, sustainable, industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining. Our private Canadian-based company's strategy is to establish a world-class technology hub, initially centred around cryptocurrency mining followed by a data centre capable of advanced data analytics and AI processing.
Our objective is to transition from an early stage development company to a public company listed on a major North American stock exchange.
Our Culture

We proactively seek to solve problems and make continuous improvements in everything we do.
We are collectively commited to becoming the global market leader.
Our team is high-perfomance, results-driven, and goal-oriented.
Our Core Values

Be accountable to our stakeholders.
Deliver the best results in the most efficient way with the least impact on the environment.
Constasntly challenge ourselves and our ideas.
Be resourceful and creative in finding sustainable solutions.
Work collaboratively to achieve collective goals, and always support each other.

We are committed to building organizational capacity to foster diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency. The company is founded by a group of passionate people from diverse cultural, ethnic, and professional backgrounds which sets a strong foundation of authentic cross-cultural competencies within the organization. We will continue to recognize the value of individuals with different experiences and views, and respect contributions from all perspectives as we grow our team, partners, and investors.